This Ramadan we have focused all our efforts on helping the most needy people of Syria and Yemen.

In a country with a population of 28 million people, 17 million people are currently suering from food insecurity and a shocking 6.8 million are suffering from acute malnutrition. There has been a recent outbreak of cholera due to lack of clean water. According to the WHO (World Health Organisation) there is an estimated death toll caused by the disease of 300,000 within the next six months if we do not act. This Ramadan we will be delivering your donations, Water, Family Food Basket, Emergency Clothing, and Hygiene essential supplies to those in the hardest to reach areas. With your support, we will leave no one behind. Join us to make the change in the blessed of Ramadan.

Yemen Packages

Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the middle east which has been torn apart by conflict and hunger, there are 7 million people which are in urgent need of food, this includes 3 million young children, babies and pregnant women who are suffering from malnutrition.
Access to clean water is currently a major issue in Yemen and the health implications around this along with the conflict mean that approximately 19 million people in Yemen are currently in need of some form of assistance.

To make a donation or calculate your Zakat al Fitr:


0203 876 8888


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1st floor Charity Hub 6 Whitehorse Mews 37 Westminster Bridge Rd. London SE1 7QD

How You Can Help:


Feeds 50 people in Syria or Yemen


Feeds family of 5 in Syria or Yemen


Provides a new dress, a pair of shoes and a toy on the day of Eid in Syria or Yemen


Donate 30 litres of water in Yemen


Feeds family of 5 in Syria or Yemen


in Syria or Yemen