Current gold/silver price

Please enter current base price per 1 g silver

Please enter current base price per 1 g gold (21 carat)

Zakat on cash/bank balances (2,5%)


Money in savings accounts

Money on current accounts

Zakat on credits/loans, investments, funds, shares, etc. (2,5%)

Outstanding loans and repayments of friends and relatives

Investments in government bonds

To date, contributions made to the pension reserve (provident fund)

Previous insurance premiums including bonus payments

Share value, including dividends. Only market value counts at the time of calculation.

Securities, certificates of deposit, etc.

Investments in private loan programs, funds, etc.

Other sources of wealth

Zakat on owned property (2,5%)

Land ownership as an investment/business (estimated current market value)

Zakat on rental income (after deduction of all expenses)

Zakat on trade goods (2,5%) (inventories)

Value of the marketable stocks

Value of the damaged/unsaleable stocks

Outstanding amount of target purchases

LESS: Sum that must be paid to the suppliers

LESS: Unrecoverable receivables

Stock value total

Zakat on entrepreneurial partnership interests (2,5%)

Capital stock according to the last balance sheet

Personal granted loans (for the company)

LESS:. Private withdrawals in the current year

Profit carried forward from the date of the balance sheet until today

Calculated total value (net)

General liabilities

To be substracted are the direct liabilities that haven´t been yet deducted above. Only loans that were recorded for the zakat assets are deducted. Mortgages and loans to finance a vehicle shall not be deducted.

Private loans/liabilities that must be repaid

Payable income tax/wealth tax

Total liabilities

Zakat on gold (2,5%)

Weight in grams Price per gram Estimated worth
Gold/jewelry - 24k
Gold/jewelry - 22k
Gold/jewelry - 18k
Other valuables of gold

Zakat on silver (2,5%)

Weight in grams Price per gram Estimated worth
These include household utensils, objects and jewelry made of silver.

Calculate zakat on gold, silver, and money

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Zakat on agricultural products (10%; 7,5%; 5%) Do not fill until a total harvest of 653 kg!

From rainwater dependent products (crop), product value:

Made entirely by artificial irrigation-dependent products (crop), product value:

Partly of rainwater and partly by artificial irrigation dependant products (crop), product value:

Zakat on animals

Please consider the instructions

Grand total

Payable zakat: