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About Us

Just Zakat is the HDF Worldwide’s Ramadan campaign project.

As the name suggests, our primary focus is on the mandatory giving which has been prescribed to Muslims during the month of Ramadan.

Charity is a fundamental component to Islam and Zakat in particular has a clear distinction from other forms of charity. For this reason, the Human Development Foundation team decided that having a dedicated campaign that highlights this was important.

You and your family can pay your obligatory zakat ul fitr, fitrana and other forms of sadaqah in the blessed month of Ramadan with ease on our website and mobile app. Human Development Foundation (charity number 1158660) is a UK registered NGO that specialises in providing disadvantaged communities across the world with educational programmes and emergency relief. Our works are based on faith-inspired ethics which we hope will bring about positive change in the world we live in. Not just for ourselves- but for generations to come.

HDF Worldwide was founded at the start of the Syrian conflict which saw unprecedented numbers of refugees fleeing their homes, searching for safety. Today the organisation still works closely with Syrians but has utilised the experience and knowledge of its team to work in other parts of the world.

We work closely with the local community here in the UK to deliver projects which are meaningful and of benefit to the people we are supporting.