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In Sudan food our baskets are £65 for the month which feeds a family of 5. The water jerry cans are £40 per month.

Our food baskets include 20kg Flour, 10kg Sugar, 4.5 litre oil, 5kg lentils, 5kg Balila soup, 100g Juice and 5kg dates.

  • 3.7 Million people have left their homes in Sudan. It has the third largest refugee crisis after Syria and Afghanistan.
  • One million people are facing emergency levels of food insecurity. Compared with the same time last year, this number reflects a 40 percent increase in the population facing severe food insecurity in the post-harvest season.
  • Due to these ongoing issues, areas of South Sudan were experiencing famine in early 2017.
  • In 2018, famine has not been officially declared, but without consistent humanitarian access and funding, a declaration later this year is likely. The latest report from Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC), the food security scale that identifies the severity of food shortages, offers a stark outlook: This will be the toughest year yet for South Sudan in terms of food security.
  • A donation of £65 will be able to feed a family of 5 in Sudan for the entire month of Ramadan.
  • HDF Worldwide last year delivered Udhiyah/Qurbani to the people in Sudan, this year we are proud to be extending our project into food baskets for families. Get involved now!
  • Ibn Umar narrated that the Messenger of Allah said: “The most beloved acts of worship to Allah are: happiness that you bring to a believer’s heart, relieving his distress, paying off his debt or driving away his hunger.” [Al-Bayhaqi] [Al-Albaani: Hasan]
  • Brighten up a child’s eid in Sudan with a £10 eid gift package. The package will include new clothes and a toy.
  • This year, HDF Worldwide aims to provide 1,200 people with iftars this Ramadan.

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