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For Syria, our food baskets are £65 per month and our jerry cans are £40 for the month.

The food basket contains 5kg sugar, 4kg rice, 3kg Ghee, 4 Litre Oil, 500g Tea, 2kg bulgar, 1kg sesame seeds, 500g Peach jam, and 1kg of tomato puree.

  • Half the country’s pre-war population — more than 11 million people — have been killed or forced to flee their homes. This includes about 5.2 million refugees who have been forced to seek safety in neighboring countries.
  • The U.N. estimates that 6.3 million people are internally displaced. When you also consider refugees, well over half of the country’s pre-war population of 22 million needs urgent humanitarian assistance, whether they remain in the country or have escaped across the borders.
  • More than 6.3 million people have fled their homes and remain displaced within Syria.
  • 13.5 million people in Syria need humanitarian assistance because of the civil war that began in 2011.
  • Food production in Syria has dropped by 40% compared to pre-conflict levels.
  • Qurrah ibn Iyas reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “If the people of Syria (al-Shām) are corrupted, then there will be no good in you.” At Tirmidhi, regarded as Sahih
  • Narrated Ibn ‘Umar: (The Prophet) said, “O Allah! Bless our Sham and our Yemen.” Sahih al Bukhari
  • Narrated by Zayd ibn Thabit Al-Ansari I heard the Messenger say: “O tooba (a tree in paradise/glad tidings) for Shaam! O tooba for Shaam! O tooba for Shaam!” They said: “O Messanger of Allah! How did they get this?” He replied, “The angels of Allah have rested their wings upon the Shaam” at Tirmidhi Sahih
  • Narrated by Abdullah Ibn he said: The Messenger of Allah said, I saw a pillar of the book was taken from underneath my pillow and I looked, and it was an extending light directed toward Al-Shaam. Verily al-iman (the faith), at the time of fitan (turmoil) is in Al-shaam. Sahih
  • HDF Worldwide has access to some of the hardest to reach areas within Syria, we are delivering partners for many other agencies with knowledgable staff members on the ground.

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Food Basket, Water Jerry Can


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